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Tips on Eating Excellent Naperville Sushi

Sushi is one of the most exotic Asian dishes that has become an international dish found almost anywhere in the world. There is an art in preparing and displaying sushi, as well as paying special attention to the ingredients to be used.

Sushi eaten the right way, like those found in the Naperville sushi restaurants, will help you get a feel of the Japanese culture. However, you should know what to what to watch out for in eating raw fish, because if the restaurant is not particular about where it gets its supply and the handling involved, it could mean trouble for your stomach. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when faced with the excellent dining experience of eating sushi.

-The sushi should smell fresh and be bright red
-There should be no slime
-There should be no unusual dark spots

You might want to watch the skills of an Itamae, which is the Japanese term for a sushi chef, and how he expertly handles the fish. If the Itamae is Asian, you can talk as they work as they are generally very friendly. They will tell you that contamination is the key problem to avoid when making sushi. If you are happy with his “performance” and sushi, you can thank him politely with a sincere Arigato, which means thank you in Japanese.